crowdsourcing | | 9. July, 2012

The video for ‘Want it Back’ is ridiculously amazing.

I only have three posts, and two-thirds of them contain nudity. Obviously, you are beginning to grasp what I’m all about. No, not boobs. Unabashedness! Nakedness, in both the literal and metaphorical sense! Beauty! Art!

If you love all those things, you would probably share my interest in Amanda Palmer. Not only is she an inspiration in her endless creativity, her innovation in regards to new media and crowdsourcing, but you know what? Her music is amazing too. I adore her, and a sincere desire of mine is to one day shake her hand, or maybe even give her a hug and kiss and thank her for inspiring me in little tiny ways to be myself and to make good art. Which is really something I should do more of.

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